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BOOK: Brushstrokes of a lifetime

BOOK: Brushstrokes of a lifetime
Orig.Title: Pinceladas de una vida
Category: Biography 
Editorial: Editorial Círculo Rojo
Author: Mila Tocino
Year of release: 2014
ISBN: 9788490508251
Language: spanish (Spain)

It is a limited edition. If you want to buy it before it runs out can order it here .

Synopsis: This is the autobiography of Mila Tocino. And it's one of those stories that help us better understand the history of all. His story begins with the journey of his father to France , and his return A few years later, and married his mother a French Julieth lively call. His forced separation in Hendaye- Irun border mark the course of the years later , to be born in the small Simi (later Milagros ) is called . He spent his childhood in Spain impoverished after war and governed by some injustice that will leave its imprint early in the life of his family and his own. In this environment, since soon you will learn that life 's but they do not give away , and he will forge his fighting character. Throughout the pages and stroke after stroke , the author us draw a story of loss and reunion with moments filled with tenderness and pain, but also fun, through which it will portray a strong woman and vital , facing the reality with courage, and always so help her two passions: music and especially the painting.

About the author: Mila Tocino was born in Santibanez León, in 1943. It is the second ten brothers , and received much of his education in a boarding school run by nuns Augustinian nuns of Madrid. He has worked among other things, darning , patternmaker , selling , and their own company. He has lived in various cities Spanish and French , until fell in love with the light of the Pyrenees, and since living in Monzon - Huesca (Spain), where the painting is dedicated.

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